We provide gravel roof services for flat roofs.

Efficient Gravel Roof Vacuuming

When you need to remove or replace the gravel on your flat roof, trust the team at EMI Roof Vacs to handle the work. We provide gravel roof vacuuming services to remove the old gravel ballast from your flat roof so that you can replace it with new materials. On average, our team can clear away 125 to 150 squares of gravel per day. We also take care of your vacuuming project in rain or shine. So contact us today to discuss your commercial roof gravel removal project and let our team take care of the work.

Vacuum Equipment Sales

In addition to providing vacuuming services, we also offer vacuum equipment for sale, rent, or lease. This is ideal for roofing contractors and construction companies that want to add gravel removal to their roofing services. The equipment we offer is straightforward to set up and can be configured to discharge materials directly into a truck, dumpster, or other collection devices.

Additionally, by choosing to purchase a roof vacuum for your company, you will significantly reduce the time and costs involved in the roof gravel replacement process. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of owning one of our vacuums or to discuss our rental and leasing options.

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