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About Our Roof Vacuuming Services and Dealer

Exterior Maintenance is a family-owned roof vacuum dealer business. Gene L Pierce started the company many years ago as a small roofing business. He eventually merged into the roof vacuuming industry. EMI has now been in business for more than 20 years, and Gene had more than 40 years' experience overall in the commercial roofing industry as a roofing contractor and a gravel removal contractor.

Our Director of Operations is Kelly L Pierce. Kelly has more than 15 years' experience in the commercial roofing industry. Jon Peterson is the VP of Sales.

Gravel removal can be back-breaking work without using roof vacuum services. Using a shovel to shift the weight is time-consuming and expensive. Putting your building in the hands of an experienced roof gravel vacuuming company cuts the time down considerably. Our clients know there is no substitute for experience. When your roof requires attention, you need the work to be efficient and effective.

Attention to detail is our specialty. We built a reputation for excellence by working hard and ensuring every step of the process is as our customers expect. You can depend on an entirely gravel-free roof when we pack up the last of our equipment. Talk to our team today about roof vacuum services and to schedule removal.


Roof Vacuum Dealer

Gravel doesn’t move by itself. It takes specialized machines and training to execute roof gravel vacuuming correctly.


We are a trusted roof vacuum dealer and can offer the advice and guidance you need to complete the work. Our equipment is supplied by the leading brands in the industry and will provide the results you need for any roof gravel project.


Give us a call about roof gravel vacuuming and what it takes to clear a commercial building.

The Crew

Our workforce is truly an amazing group.


The Exterior Maintenance crew is a group of loyal, hardworking employees who have been with us for more than 10 years consistently.


We look forward to working with you and providing the very best commercial roof vacuum services by doing the job ourselves or getting you the best roof vacuuming equipment.


Let's Go to Work!

When your building has an aging gravel roof, we are your first call. Don’t hesitate to ask about our services located around the country. We are ready to help. Call today, and our gravel roof vacuuming services will help you get that new roof over your head.

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