Roof Vacuuming Services | North Branch, MN

Renew Your Property with Gravel Roof Services

Gravel roofs were once standard building practice for commercial properties with large flat roofs. Those days are well into the past, thanks to modern building methods and materials to match. No longer does your structure need several inches of heavy gravel spread across the top to protect against miserable weather while also capturing the rays of the sun. When it’s time to make a change, you can count on gravel roof services from EMI Roof Vacs.

We offer flat roof gravel removal so you can reach the underlying structure to make repairs, replace it, or just reduce the weight load. Small quantities of pea gravel are not heavy, but when placed in depth across a large area, it’s very weighty and can put undue stress on the building. The safest and quickest way to remove gravel is by letting our team take care of the job.

We provide our roof vacuum services quickly, rain or shine so that your project moves ahead without delay. If you wish to do the work yourself, or you’re a contractor looking for new equipment, we can also help by supplying the vacuums you need to remove the gravel. We’ll even provide the instruction you need to operate the machinery.