We provide gravel roof services for flat roofs.

Affordable Roof Vacuum Rentals

For decades it was a common practice to cover flat roofs with thick layers of gravel. Those times are gone. Today’s new construction methods and materials are designed to give you a strong, attractive, and safe roof without having to add all of that extra weight. So, when the time comes to upgrade your building, you will need to remove all of that roof gravel.

EMI Roof Vacs offers roof vacuum rentals designed for commercial roof gravel removal. While we are proud to sell our vacuums to customers from across the country, we also understand that if you just need to clear off one roof, one time you do not want or need to buy our equipment. That is why we make our vacuums available for rent.

The first step in creating a better roof for your building is to reach out to our team to rent our equipment for roof gravel vacuuming. We know you are going to be impressed with our equipment’s ability to clear away gravel from your roof efficiently, effectively, and safely. Contact us today for more information about how you can rent directly from us or learn more about our roof gravel services.