We provide gravel roof services for flat roofs.

Efficient Gravel Roof Vacuuming

When you need to remove or replace the gravel on your flat roof, trust the team at EMI Roof Vacs to handle the work. We provide gravel roof vacuuming services to remove the old gravel ballast from your flat roof so that you can replace it with new materials. On average, our team can clear away 125 to 150 squares of gravel per day. We also take care of your vacuuming project in rain or shine. So contact us today to discuss your commercial roof gravel removal project and let our team take care of the work.

Your First Choice for Roof Vacuum Services

Gravel roofs have long been a staple for commercial buildings. This roofing type was once the best option for absorbing UV rays, providing protection against inclement weather, and creating a safe surface for maintenance workers. But, with the advancement of technology and innovations in material fabrication, gravel roofs are quickly becoming a relic of the past.

However, many commercial enterprises still have all that gravel on their roofs, making it much more difficult to add a new and more efficient roof. As a leading supplier of roof vacuum services, we take on the hardest part of your roof replacement process: removing all that obsolete gravel. Using the finest equipment available in the industry, we make your gravel roof disappear in no time. Call today to get started.

Contact Us Today

Has your roof seen better days? Is it time to enhance your building and operations with a new roof that you can rely on? Then, it’s time to call EMI Roof Vacs. Our workers are always ready and happy to answer your questions, respond to your inquiries, and address your concerns. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for the information you need from a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals. Contact us today, and don’t forget that we also offer commercial roof gravel removal and roof gravel vacuuming.