We provide gravel roof services for flat roofs.

Roof Vacuum Services for Removing Gravel

The days of covering the flat roof of a commercial building with a thick layer of gravel are moving into the past. New materials and construction methods mean that your property no longer has to bear the burden of that extra weight up top. When you decide it’s time to remove the gravel from your location, you can rely on our team at EMI Roof Vacs for our roof vacuum services.

Roof gravel vacuuming by our team can clear away between 125 and 150 square yards of gravel per day, and we can provide this service rain or shine. Over time gravel can retain a lot of water and increase the already significant load it places on a roof, not to mention leading to potential drainage and leak issues. Not only that, but gravel can shift from being moved by workers or the wind and rain. This leaves bare spots and other areas where it’s much deeper than it should be.

We’re Ready to Help

You can contact us at EMI Roof Vacs when you require commercial roof gravel removal for your building. We have a lot of experience in this field as a leading supplier of roof vacuum services. When you are ready to rid your property of obsolete gravel and renew the surface with new modern material, then we are prepared to help you.