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When you need to have your gravel roof replaced, EMI Roof Vacs provides dependable and budget-friendly roof gravel removal for any commercial building. With the help of our experienced crew and cutting-edge equipment, we suck away the gravel, so you can enjoy a new roof that’s sturdier and more durable. 

In addition to gravel roof vacuuming, we also sell, rent, and lease the equipment. If you are a roofing contractor, our supplies help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our modern technology sucks away gravel in no time with affordable prices on new and used models. Get in touch to request our roof vacuuming services or acquire equipment for your next job.

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EMI Roof Vacs specializes in removing gravel from flat roofs on commercial buildings. Our family-owned local business has been serving customers for 30 years and has been in the roofing industry even longer. The skilled crew uses a technologically advanced vacuum with as little mess and disruption as possible. This allows for easy and convenient preparation regarding roof replacement. Any removal job you need, we can do. We also offer roof vacuum sales and rentals for roofing contractors.

If you are due for a roof replacement and need to have the gravel removed, or your contracting job requires professional-grade equipment, we have you covered. Our excellent tools and quality service both meet your needs and ensure success. Contact us to request roof gravel removal for your project. We bring this to customers nationwide.

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